Provincial law requires that certified tradespeople be used.

There are rules. And you can’t install heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units in homes without following them.

First the firm, or subcontractor if that’s the case, doing the installation needs to take out a permit issued by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

It needs to be licensed to work in Hamilton.

Provincial law requires that certified tradespeople be used.

In an email to Action Line, Lubo Hajny told a tangled tale that took some time to unfold.

“I thought I couldn’t afford to purchase a new HVAC system,” he said. “Leasing seemed like the way to go, so I entered into an agreement with Reliance Home Comfort (Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership) in October 2014. Upon refinancing my home in April, however, I found Reliance had put a lien on my house and I decided to pay it off. I paid $6,140 plus tax.”

He said the HVAC system was installed by a subcontractor hired by Reliance.

“Two days later I had Reliance return, as the humidifier wasn’t working. It turned out the humidifier and thermostat were wired incorrectly. I also had them seal the seams between the ductwork and furnace as more air was blowing into the furnace room than upstairs.

“Now comes the warmer weather and the A/C won’t turn on. Reliance said there was no power connected to the A/C unit. They told me to call an electrician.”

Later, he says he learned improper wiring had caused his fuses to blow. He called the ESA.

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