So what if the repair guy is not certified

– as long as they get the job done, right?


When your working with HVAC it involves Natural Gas and Electricity and if done wrong those elements  have the potential to put your families lives at risk. The news is full of stories where a family has be asphyxiated, gas leaks have cause expositions or even as simple as left without heat on the coldest of nights.

Don’t put your family at risk.

Our repair technicians are certified by our Industry and the College of Trades. They carry the appropriate licences to make sure they do the job right, the first time.


Anyone installing, repairing or servicing fuel-fired appliances must possess valid TSSA authorization and heed all applicable safety standards. If in doubt, contact TSSA toll-free at 1-877-682-8772 to confirm whether a fuels contractor, technician or licence holder is legally qualified.

You can read examples of what happens when HVAC work is DONE WRONG below;

Windsor Contractor Convicted for Endangering Family – Court imposes $10,000 fine for unlawful activity

Kingston Fuels Contractor Given Jail Time for Safety Violations –  Court sentences unlicensed fuels contractor to 5 days in jail

“Wonderful Heating-Cooling” Prosecuted for Removing Safety Control – Court issues $6000 penalty

Toronto Man Convicted for Faulty Furnace Installation  – Court imposes $4,000 fine for endangering family

Belleville Man Prosecuted for Working Without a TSSA Fuels Certificate –  Court issues suspended sentence and one-year probation

Pickering Man Prosecuted for Working Without a TSSA Fuels Certificate – Court issues suspended sentence and one-year probation

Hamilton Fuels Technician Guilty of Safety Violations – $8,000 fine for not having a valid TSSA Certificate

“Gas main focus of investigation in deadly Mississauga house explosion”
“About 25 homes were damaged by a house explosion on Hickory Dr. Residents described the scene as looking like “the aftermath of a hurricane.”

Toronto Star June 28, 2016

“What caused the house explosion in Scarborough?”
“TORONTO – The Ontario Fire Marshal said Tuesday gas may have contributed to the explosion which destroyed a home in Toronto, damaged nearly 40 others, and left one person dead.
Gas also played a role in an explosion in March which destroyed a Manhattan building and killed two people and injured nearly two dozen others.”

Global News April 25th 2015

“Carbon monoxide poisoning deaths leave family ‘devastated'”
“Propane heaters were being used inside house after furnace stopped working.”

CBC News March 17th 2014

If you want to confirm your HVAC technician is certified

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